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WHATwe do

Backdraft Magazine is a high-quality, four-color magazine mailed direct to our Volunteer Fire Departments.


We provide information on training, recruitment & retention, education, recent legislation and new products directly relating to the volunteer fire industry.


We value building relationships with volunteer departments and quality advertisers that help to make it happen.


We exclusively serve volunteer fire communities to further advance their safety, culture and career.

  • Great Content
  • Great articles and information
  • focused entirely on
  • what volunteers want,
  • need and appreciate.

HOWwe do it

Great Content

Great articles and information focused entirely on what volunteers want, need, and appreciate. We keep the focus on quality editorial and product content that enhances our reader experience.


Great TEAM

We're a team of around 20 people dedicated to bringing the best to our nation's heros. We also team up with quality authors for fresh, relavent content. Backdraft Magazine knows the best writers are those who have been there. We value current topics of concern or interest involving today’s volunteer fire service. As a result, we encourage reader submissions and offer $250.00 per published article. This is a great way to earn a few extra dollars for your department. Our goal is the continued betterment of the volunteer fire service and by teaming up with our volunteers, we consistently achieve this. If you have interest in submitting original content for us, please contact editor Mark Greenfield for details. 877.289.2106, editor@thebackdraftmagazine.com or complete the form below


We sincerely appreciate our advertisers as friends and partners in our progress. Working together, we're reaching more firefighters in the volunteer community then ever. For information on a national advertising partnership please view our media kit and further information here. To all of our Regional Advertisers, your business is what makes this possible and we thank you.

WHATyou say

Great magazine with serious information.
Chauncey D. Wood, III, AAVFD, President

Very interesting, none like it anywhere I've found. Thanks!
Neil Rosenberger, Fire Chief, Red, White & Blue Fire District

I'm glad to see articles for the volunteer fire department. Keep up the good work.
Jeff Kerr, Fire Chief, Mediapolis Fire Department

I saw a copy that belonged to a friend. Awesome.
Captain Larry Saari, Training Officer, City of Camas & Washougal Fire Department

Useful information applicable to rural fire service.
Fred Baldwin, Asst. Chief, Kemmerer Fire Department

Loved the copy, great magazine.
Marney Larson, Asst. Chief, Snohomish County Fire District 26

One of my chiefs had a copy. Hope to share with other chiefs, etc.
Shelley Swails, NREMTB, Admin Asst., Columbus-Lowndes Emergency Managment

I like the way it is geared to vol fire dept.
Todd R. Bell, Chief, Deer Mt. Fire Department

It's about time a publication has been produced to address ALL fire services, not just union city.
Jon Longley, Instructor, Region 9 Tech School, Paris Fire District


At The Backdraft Magazine, we love to build relations with the volunteer firefighter community, its supporters, and our valued national advertising partners. Feel free to contact us for anything at all.

Mark Greenfield


National Accounts Manager




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